Cloud Automation


Cloud Automation standardizes existing IT Infrastructure processes and tasks into repeatable activities which can be cataloged into services for consumption directly by end-users or by IT Administrators.  


MCG provides a mastery in the following to accomplish this mission:


Architecture and Design


  • IT Infrastructure Process Engineering and Definition (I2P - Intake to Provisioning).  

  • Process Automation Engineering.

  • Architect, Design and Deploy Automation following a proven methodology.

    • vCloud Suite

      • vCloud Automation Center (vCAC)

      • vCenter Operations Management (vCOPs and vCM)

      • vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS)

      • vCenter Orchestrator (vCO)

      • vFabric Application Director

  • Infrastructure and Platform Optimization.

Automation anf Integration
  • Third Party Integration

    • Service Now

    • Remedy

    • Puppet

    • Chef

    • Ruby on Rails

  • Extensibility - Automation Customization and Integration 

  • In-house (Not Outsourced)

  • vAutomation Rapid Development Methodology © (MCG Methodology)

    • Infrastructure Architects and Engineers

    • Software Engineering and Quality Assurance

    • Java and Object Oriented Design and Programming

    • JavaScript Programming

    • Perl Scripting

    • HTML5 and XML



Mobility seeks freedom to access applications, data and infrastructure resources where different devices enable workforce mobility, increased productivity, centralization of business critical data and applications, and flexibility between multiple devices.   


MCG works with organizations to:


  • Mobility, Security and Compliance Assessments.

  • Architect, Design and Deploy.

    • Hardware Selection to optimize mobility missions (system and latency focus design not an IOPS focused design)

    • Image management

    • User Profile Management

    • Data Security

    • Protocol Optimization

    • User and Computer Policy

  • Horizon Suite

    • Mirage

    • View and ThinApp

    • Workspace


Security and Compliance


Cloud Compliance prepares organizations with policy, procedures, and process demonstrating control of data and infrastructure,  even when it is in the cloud.


MCG has a long history and experience with providing compliance, qualification, and validation services to regulated industries, even since the pre-virtualizatin era.


MCG helps the regulated industry to:


  • Identify business critical data and processes with regulatory impact through Regulatory Assessments.

  • Ensure data is handled securely and protected from unauthorized access through qualification and validation.

  • Maintain full control of data and infrastructure through

    • Validatable Automated Workflows

    • Network Virtualization and Compliance.

    • Integration of Hybrid Cloud Models.